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    Unaccounted iPhone Fees for Apple?

    By Stock Charts | July 24, 2007

    I came across this interesting article over at which claims that there are huge potential iPhone fees that are not accounted for in Apple’s stock price.

    People close to the companies tell that AT&T is paying Apple a bounty of between $150 and $200 per phone — plus $9 a month per phone over the life of the typical two-year customer contract.

    AT&T didn’t comment, and Apple said it would have no comment.

    Source (

    apple iphoneThis type of pricing model has never been used before in the industry, and if the revenue from this deal isn’t yet priced into Apple stock, an official announcement of the results could easily send Apple shares skyrocketing. Of course I would never recommend buying before earnings, but it’s definitely something to keep in mind when considering Apple stock. It seems like this is something that they would cover in tomorrow’s earnings report, so I guess we’ll find out then. In the mean time, the Wall Street Journal reports call options being traded heavily. A bullish sign? You decide.

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