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    AAPL to announce new iPod?

    By Stock Charts | May 7, 2007

    I just came across this article over at Think Secret Notes:

    May 7, 2007 – An unconfirmed tip points to the possibility of an iPod update as early as tomorrow, with a touch-screen iPod taking center stage.

    The information, which comes from an unproven source, suggests that Apple will show off the new iPod tomorrow but will hold off on shipping the device until later in June when the iPhone ships.

    While the timetable contradicts tips passed on from more reliable sources, which have said not to expect a 6G iPod until later this year at the earliest, what makes this new information at least partially plausible is that the touch-screen technology that the iPhone and future iPod will employ has already been perfected and finalized.

    Think Secret stresses, however, that this information has yet to be confirmed by other sources at this time.

    Original article here. A next generation iPod (especially a touchscreen one) would definitely be cause for a bullish move, as Apple (AAPL) gets it’s massive iPod userbase upgrade to the next version. Just last month, Apple reported the 100 millionth iPod sold. This little music player singlehandedly saved one of the pioneers of personal computing. Here’s some concept art from Gizmodo of what the new iPod might look like:

    Ipod Concept

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