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    TASR’s Comeback

    By Stock Charts | June 20, 2007

    Taser International’s (TASR) shares have slipped over 75% since early 2005 due to missed expectations and numerous lawsuits over it’s Taser nonlethal weapons technology. However, things are starting to look up in 2007 as Taser recently successfully defended yet another lawsuit, giving it a track record of 45-0 in wins. In addition, the company has added a new feature to the gun called a “Taser Cam” to record the situation, helping provide solid evidence against future lawsuits.

    After the string of successful lawsuit defenses, orders have started to pick up again, with new orders coming in from Arizona, Washington, Florida, Hawaii, and Pennsylvania. In addition, international sales have started to pick up, now accounting for approximately 14% of total revenues. An increasing number of European countries are showing substantial interest in Taser’s stun gun.

    In upcoming news, TASR is set to show off it’s new XREP projectile sometime next month. In addition, Taser International announced another order by an unknown foreign law enforcement agency for 1,375 units. Foreign growth seems to be where Taser’s greatest opportunity lies. It’s stock chart shows the market reacting strongly to the recent positive news:

    TASR Stock Chart

    Despite the run up, I feel that TASR still has potential upside. It may be overextended at the moment and I would wait for a pullback to get in. Also, keep in mind that TASR is a fairly volatile play and any sign of bad news could have a quick detrimental effect on the stock price. Despite the successful defense of the 45 lawsuits, TASR still has 47 lawsuits pending, and even a single loss could scare investors. In the mean time, I’ll be keeping TASR on my watchlist and looking for a good entry point.

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