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    Google Does It Again

    By Stock Charts | April 20, 2007


    It seems as though the sky is the limit for this internet search powerhouse. In its earnings report yesterday, Google displayed a 69% increase in first quarter profit with earnings of $3.18 per share. While the analyst average was $3.30, Google would have easily surpassed this figure if it wasn’t for employee compensation with $3.68 per share. After Yahoo’s disappointing results, investors were less enthusiastic about buying before earnings, but the positive report drove shares up 3.21% in after hours trading. Some more key statistics:

    Some analysts question whether Google can maintain its substantial growth, as most of it’s revenues come from online advertising. However, Google’s flurry of recent acquisitions suggest that the internet giant is looking to branch out into different areas and diversify it’s offerings. Here’s a list of acquisitions in 2006 and 2007 (taken from the Wikipedia entry):

    Some of these acquisitions has several competitors worried. Microsoft and AT&T are currently urging government regulators to block the DoubleClick deal, citing a monopolistic control over the online advertising market; the irony is not lost on Google’s founders. “I hear Standard Oil is going to complain too,” Brin quipped in a Thursday interview. “I think (the concerns) are misplaced.”


    Google’s chart looks pretty good as well. With the 3.21% increase in AH trading, GOOG is well within reach of breaking $500/share and retesting it’s all time highs.

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    One Response to “Google Does It Again”

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