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    Google + Apple ?

    By Stock Charts | June 10, 2007

    The 2007 Apple World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) will launch tomorrow. While there has always been a whirlwind of rumors every year preceding the annual conference, I believe there is one rumor that stands a very good chance of coming true – a Google/Apple partnership. Of course, we already know that Apple is collaborating with Google on GoogleMaps and the iPhone, as Steve Jobs pointed out during the d5 conference a few weeks ago. But I believe that Jobs will announce a significantly greater partnership that stands to strongly benefit both companies.

    Management at both Apple (AAPL) and Google (GOOG) have hinted at a possible partnership. Says Eric Schmidt, Google’s CEO: “We’re a perfect back end to the problems that they’re trying to solve…They have very good judgment on user interface and people. But they don’t have this supercomputer (that Google has), which is the data centers. What they have is a manufacturing business that’s doing quite well.” When questioned about their ‘problems,’ Jobs replied, “I couldn’t agree with you more and we will make up for lost time in the very near future.” (source: Epicenter)

    Google Stock Chart

    AAPL (apple) stock chart

    A look at both charts show a pretty healthy run up over the past 6 months, with Google finally breaking through resistance at 500, and Apple headed steadily higher since their gap up in May. Both are trading in overbought territories. Looking at the chart, I believe that Google has plenty of room to run, while Apple may be due for a pullback.

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