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    Gold Bug – Chart

    By Stock Charts | March 22, 2007

    A few posts ago, I mentioned AUY, a gold mining company. Naturally, the price of this stock has a very strong correlation with the price of gold. Here is the chart for the price of gold over the last 7 months or so:


    Gold has been steadily recovering ever since it peaked around $700 right before the commodities correction around June 2006. Although it took a beating along with the rest of the market a few weeks ago, the trend appears to still be intact and the price of gold is steadily inching its way back up to old highs. I am currently holding shares of AUY and TRE.

    Other gold stocks I am watching include GG, GFI, NEM, and BGO.

    More information on investing in gold:

    GoldStockBull.com – Why Invest In Gold?
    John Embry – 15 Fundamental Reasons to Own Gold
    Blanchard Economic Research Unit – Why Own Gold?

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