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    Payday Loans @ Payday One

    By Stock Charts | November 6, 2008

    For millions of people, payday loans are a fast and convenient way to cover unexpected expenses such as car repair and medical bills. A payday loan can even save you money by helping you avoid bounced checks and late fees on bills.

    But payday loans aren’t always the best solution for your financial needs. To help you determine whether a payday loan is right for you, you need to consider how you’re planning to use it, how urgent your need is, and what your other options are. Payday loans can be expensive, so you should only use them after you’ve considered the facts and decided that it’s your best option.

    If you’re running a little behind on your bills, a payday loan from PayDay One may be a better option than paying late fees. Late fees on credit cards and other monthly bills can cost $30 or more. And if your utility or phone service is disconnected, there are more fees to reconnect your service. You should start by finding out what the late fees are for each of your bills. Then you can compare the cost to determine if a payday loan from PayDay One is a better option.

    PayDay One offers:

    Here’s a recent customer testimonial:

    Please be careful when taking out payday loans. Interest rates on these loans are typically very high, and it is important to make sure you can pay the loan back on time.

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