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    By Stock Charts | May 29, 2007

    Life insurance is always a sensitive topic. On one hand, no one ever expects or wishes to collect it. (Usually!) On the other, if something does happen it could significantly affect your family on a financial level, adding to the emotional burden. LifeInsure.com allows you to privately browse a large database of life insurance quotes as well as receive your own customized quotes without asking for any personal data. After answering a few basic questions, I was able to get quotes from a wide range of life insurance providers quickly and discretely, with annual payments on a 10 year, $500,000 insurance policy ranging from 165 to 455. Of course, this is just an estimate and when actually applying you will need to provide more indepth personal data.

    LifeInsure.com offers quotes for a variety of different types of policies, including term life insurance, return of premium insurance, whole life, universal life, as well as survivorship life insurance policies. They also provide an extensive education center which allows you to research the different types of policies and offers a FAQ on life insurance. They also include explanations in video format. Overall, the design of their website is very clean and easy to navigate. I haven’t thought much about life insurance as I’m still fairly young, but if you’re looking for information on life insurance, LifeInsure.com is a great place to start.

    This post is brought to you by LifeInsure.com.

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