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    Article on Hedge Funds

    By Stock Charts | July 8, 2007

    Hope things are going well for everyone, it seems like the market’s bull run is still doing quite well. I’ve been traveling a bit for business, which has resulted in the lack of activity recently. However I’ll be posting some more investment ideas and stock charts next week. In the mean time, take a look at this great article on hedge funds from Mark Cuban’s blog.

    When you are an investor directly into a hedge fund you have 1 single element of leverage on the hedge fund , and that is the ability, often with very stringent limitations, to pull your money from the hedge fund. That is it.

    Essentially Mr. Cuban says that the hedge funds that have gone public no longer have the ability to take the huge risks that allowed them to make astronomical gains in the first place, which makes investing in these hedge funds pointless.

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