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    AAPL and the Blogsphere

    By Stock Charts | May 17, 2007

    Investors in Apple (AAPL) have seen a pretty decent return lately, with the stock driven upwards in anticipation of new products and more of Apple’s now famous design. However, Apple’s stock took a quick dip yesterday morning after popular tech blog Engadget posted information from what they believed was a authentic internal memo:

    This one doesn’t bode well for Mac fans and the iPhone-hopeful: we have it on authority that as of today, the iPhone launch is being pushed back from June to… October (!), and Leopard is again seeing a delay, this time being pushed all the way back to January. Of 2008. The latest WWDC Leopard beta will still be handed out, but it looks like Apple-quality takes time, and we’re sure Jobs would remind everyone that it’s not always about “writing a check”, but just how much time are these two products really going to take?

    The post’s timestamp shows 11:49 AM; shortly thereafter Apple stock dropped from 107.89 to 103.42, wiping out 4 billion of the company’s net worth!

    Apple iPhone Delay Chart

    However, the rumor was quickly dispelled, and the stock quickly recovered:

    As it turns out, the internal memo Apple employees received was actually retracted by Apple shortly after it was sent out. (Also published after the break.) We received confirmation from Apple PR that this initial email sent out to Apple employees was incorrect, and they let us know that the iPhone and Leopard are both still on track, and should meet their expected launch timeframes.

    This example demonstrates the awesome power of the blogsphere, as well as the incredible speed of information in society today.  Creating a blog and publishing your ideas is easier than ever, and thanks to Google’s Adsense platform monetization is simply a matter of choosing where to place the ads. Blogs also have the benefit of instant publication; the past few years have seen breaking stories published first in the blogsphere before reaching traditional media outlets.

    Still, blogs have a very long way to go before they can even dream of even competing on the same level as newspapers and television. But while old media outlets still have a dominant market in the baby boomer generation, the current generation—raised on Digg, Google, Myspace, and the interweb—are a entirely different story. It should be interesting to see how this particular dynamic plays out in the next 10 to 20 years.

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